Experimenting with new tunes on the Esraj. Combined with some old clips from 2015 this is the result.

Info: The Esraj is a classical string instrument played with a bow. Originated by the Shiks as Dilruba , Taar Shehnai it has found place in traditional eastern Bengal music for almost 300 years.

Navid Nooren

Navid Nooren

Navid Nooren, is a practicing visual artist from Bangladesh. Originally a painter he converted his medium of expression to visual art after starting a career in the health sector, a doctor. His work concentrates on visual literature through light, colour and object. Navid uses his experience and observations from his surroundings, paintings, music & the plethora of people he interacts with as a clinician in his artworks. The range of his work includes but is not limited to essentialism (Navid's take on minimalism), surrealism and fine-art landscape.

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