Doctors lost to COVID-19

In Remembrance 

The least I could do to show respect to the heroes unsung due to COVID-19 or with COVID like symptoms. Unfortunately, I will be updating the list as the unimaginable struggle continues.
The list includes Bangladeshi Doctors who were giving service abroad.

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Sources: TheDailyStar, BMA website, Dhaka Tribune, United News Bangladesh, Platform website.

This article was updated on July 14, 2021

Navid Nooren

Navid Nooren

Navid Nooren, is a practicing visual artist from Bangladesh. Originally a painter he converted his medium of expression to visual art after starting a career in the health sector, a doctor. His work concentrates on visual literature through light, colour and object. Navid uses his experience and observations from his surroundings, paintings, music & the plethora of people he interacts with as a clinician in his artworks. The range of his work includes but is not limited to essentialism (Navid's take on minimalism), surrealism and fine-art landscape.

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