Fragments of Space

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A constant torment, white noise reminding us of our failures taking form as a cursed flame. Unadulterated embodiment of hate, regret and envy blinding us. It incinerates everything good inside, leaving a muted canvas. Consuming slow & steady.

We try our best to push away the negativity. In our never ending search for the light, we lose ourselves. Incompetence and self-loathing throws us overboard, drowning into the ocean that we were afraid of facing. Little do we know that the obstacle is the path, not going around it, but through it, becoming one with it? New doors open inside of you, never before explored. We forget that we’re the doors and our will holds the key. We are the light that we're looking for.

Creating a set of meaningless rules, caging our imaginations to the societies expectations we tend to kill our individuality. Throwing away our dreams we jump inside the cogs of the machine, crushing the ability to imagine. The system churns out mechanical animals. Like flies flying towards the flame, mistaking it for the sun. Incapable of searching for the greater possibilities. Lives resembling diverse shapes squeezed into deformity inside the box of technology. Lack of faith, lack of hope. A perfect detonator.

But among us there are those who have broken the chains, realizing their view of the world was parallel to peeking through a pinhole camera. They set out on voyage exploring the depths of the newly discovered world, the universe. Now you will find them between the black holes and supernovas. Imploding and expanding simultaneously.

No longer blind.